A State Secret No More

by Bernard McCormick Friday, May 20, 2022 No Comment(s)

Did you know that after more than 20 years of investigation, the FBI recently released files revealing that important Saudi Arabian government figures, including religious leaders in the United States, were behind the 9/11 attacks? 

You didn't? 

Well, you will pretty soon — as soon as someone in our mainstream press realizes those FBI reports exist and publishes the explosive information. 

Meanwhile, if you can't wait, look up the Florida Bulldog website and Dan Christensen's discovery of the FBI report, which appeared in March, buried in voluminous documents released by the bureau. That hardly seems accidental.

At least it would not seem accidental to Christensen, who has been on this story since 2011. He and a few others uncovered information on the source of the 19 hijackers financing long ago, and challenged the FBI repeatedly to reveal what it failed to tell the 9/11 Commission when it published its investigation in 2004. Christensen's main contribution was finding links to a highly connected Saudi Arabian who was living in Sarasota and had ties to the hijackers who trained in Florida. That family left Florida suddenly just before 9/11, disappearing so fast that it left cars and other belongings behind.

The FBI material reveals a maze of contacts with unfamiliar names who appear to have financed the terror attack. For the average reader it would take knowledge of Arabic and the complex structure of Saudi Arabian leadership to begin to follow it all, but the bottom-line is that the Saudi Arabian government was deeply involved in that tragic day, September 11, 2001, when almost 3,000 Americans died in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and a failed attempt to attack what was believed to be the U.S Capitol. The FBI report comes after Christensen and a handful of others relentlessly pursued the FBI to reveal all it knew. That it took so long, and has come out in such a sneaky fashion, suggests that several administrations since 9/11 were party to concealing the truth. Former Attorney General Bill Barr admitted as much when he declined to turn over 9/11 documents  to the Bob Mueller probe on the grounds that they were “state secrets.” It was not until President Biden’s presidency that the government has become transparent on such issues.

Christensen, whose Florida Bulldog report appeared over the weekend, explains the odd circumstances surrounding what he termed "A state secret no more." 

"It was released in March" he says. "But it's buried amid thousands of pages of stuff the FBI has been releasing. So no surprise no one's found it yet. 

The surprise is that no mainstream media are reporting about any of these documents, and the sensational stuff that's in them."

Christensen is used to his dramatic work being ignored. The Miami Herald, for whom he once worked, has picked up and credited some of his research, but not many other outlets have given the story the attention it deserves. Florida Bulldog routinely publishes stories that the mainstream press neglects. It is one of several organizations around the country filling a void left as newspapers and print in general declines. These groups are headed by former journalists who have taken buyouts or retired, and their support comes from contributions from peers who believe in a free and dedicated press.

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