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by Bernard McCormick Tuesday, December 18, 2012 1 Comment(s)

There is a woman in Tallahassee who makes $300,000 a year, maybe a little more, working for organizations that promote laws enabling people to murder 26 people in minutes, including 20 children. But that is not important. What is important is that this blog, if read by anybody, almost never produces comment, but this one will. You can ask almost any columnist what produces reaction, and they will tell you anything on gun control. It is right in there with Jimmy Breslin’s suggestion that dogs in New York be thrown in front of subways. The reaction from dog lovers was furious, but not orchestrated. Breslin’s outburst was too bizarre for a planned counter-offensive. But reaction to gun control is clearly organized, probably written by design by members of the National Rifle Association, who rarely give a real name.

They will write, as one moron from Texas who had the guts to appear on national TV said in reaction to the recent tragedy that had the school principal been armed, those kids would be alive. Now that is important, but unfortunately, too tame, too limited.

On a hunch, this blog has been interrupted to check out today’s Palm Beach Post and its excellent columnist, Frank Cerabino. A few months back he told us that one topic that always stirs emotions is guns.  

Sure as hell, Cerabino (pronounced Chur-a-bino) is writing today about guns, which assures, as he will be the first to admit, a bombardment of reactions, mostly attacking him for daring to link Florida’s absurdly permissive gun laws to such a sad event.

Back on topic. The guy from Texas says school principals should be armed. Wonderful idea, but limited. Why not give all the kids guns? 

Imagine, a high school with 2,000 kids, and every one packing a gun that shoots 100 rounds. As Cerabino writes today, there are people in positions of importance in Florida who boast that the state is a leader in concealed weapons permits. Just imagine the fun they would
have if all our school children were armed. Armed, but not dangerous, of course. What could be safer than everybody in this great country carrying a machine gun? Who would have the nerve to throw the first volley?

But since we are so outgunned when it comes to this topic, perhaps it is time to organize a group to resist the gun lobby. Maybe even find somebody willing to stand up for sanity for $300,000 a year. You might for a few takers for that thankless job.


The only way I see gun control having any chance o...

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The only way I see gun control having any chance of reducing these incidents is to make possession of ANY gun a felony. They need to be completely outlawed.
It makes me angry that a gunman can come in to school, unopposed, and start shooting.
I suspect it would be illegal for the principal or any one else at the school to carry a gun on premises.
Unfortunately, the only way to stop a gun is with a gun. So provide WELL armed security at the schools ...until all guns can be confiscated.

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