God vs. Hurricanes ...As told by Fox News

by Bernard McCormick Monday, November 20, 2017 No Comment(s)

One of our communicants is a great fan of President Trump. He admires him for saying what he means and doing what he says, for his military service while in high school, as well as his respect for women and Puerto Ricans. He also enjoys football, but had a power failure and missed the big game. He called to find out who won.

“Miami won, 41-8,” we said.

“Shut up. You must mean Notre Dame won 41-8.”

“No, Miami.”

“That’s impossible. God would not allow it. How do you know?”

“Saw it. Besides, it was in the papers.”

“It must be fake news. You can’t trust the media. They’re the enemy of the people. Where did you see it?”

“It was in The New York Times.”

“Oh, it’s definitely fake news. They never tell the truth. Who really won?”

“It was also on Fox News.”

“It was. My God, it must be true then. How could it happen?” 

“Easy. Miami wore their good old orange jerseys and traditional white helmets, and Notre Dame stunk up the joint. It could have been the other way around, except for about a dozen plays.”

“Did Sean Hannity confirm this?” 

“Haven’t heard. I know he’s been busy with that child molester fuss, or something.”

“What’s that all about, anyway?”

“Guy running for office in Alabama. They say he likes teenage girls.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Some like teenage boys.”

“Some like Foxy girls. Until they sue.”

“Some like both. Anyway, that’s the real score.”

“You mean the game?”

“Alas, yes. God’s will be undone.”


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