A Dream Comes True

by Bernard McCormick Tuesday, September 06, 2022 1 Comment(s)

A while back, when the Democrats’ chances in Florida looked bleak, we sought out Donald Trump in a dream. We asked him to forget party lines for a minute and pretend he was using his rare gift for lying to suggest ideas the Democrats could use in Florida's November election. He said that was easy, just say the Republicans want to kill Social Security and Medicare. Florida's seniors, many of whom are heritage Republicans, would go crazy. There was even some basis for such an absurd claim. Senator Rick Scott had actually mentioned the need for reforming social security. Trump said the Democrats should jump all over that and make people like Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis deny that possibility at every interview. They hate socialism, but aren’t both programs a form of socialism? The GOP claimed they were and voted against social security in the 1930s and Medicare more recently.

Well, dreams can come true, to coin a phrase. There have actually been recent ads by the Democrats urging voters to resist Republican efforts to tamper with these popular programs. So far, the Republicans have not been confronted by reporters asking about this subject, but that is partly because Republicans have been avoiding the mainstream press, in favor of Fox News and a few cable channels whose distortions border on criminality. Governor DeSantis has even banned the press from some of his news conferences. That would end if the press retaliates by refusing to cover him, but that won't happen because most of the mainstream press have the bad habit of being dedicated and honest.

If Social Security and Medicare become a real issue, we can expect Republicans to react as they are doing on other issues. When Democrats say refusing to accept election results is anti-Democratic, they say it's the other way around — the Democrats are the ones trying to kill democracy by denying Trump's victory. Look for them to say Democrats want to kill social programs and good Republicans (who voted against them) want to preserve Social Security and Medicare. They call it alternative truth.

While on the subject of politics, we are downsizing our office and reluctantly discarding some old copies of Gold Coast Magazine, which we sold in 2019 after publishing it for 50 years. Among those copies we saved is a 2014 issue with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the cover. Dr. Oz is not a Floridian, but he was visiting at the time, and Jennifer Tormo knocked off a nice little piece on this national figure. And here we are, eight years later, and the same man is running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. As we write, his campaign is in big trouble, partly because it has been revealed that he doesn't even live in Pennsylvania, rather New Jersey. The other problem is that the man has no political experience, and his opponent is a seasoned pro. Dr. Oz is running strictly on the strength of being a national television figure. And what person in their right mind would say being a TV personality qualifies a person with no government experience to represent an important state in these turbulent times?

Maybe Donald Trump has an opinion on that.


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