Separation of Church and Street

by Bernard McCormick Tuesday, November 30, 2010 3 Comment(s)


First: Conflict of interest. I live in Colee Hammock. As opposed to the elected officials who are going to jail, I (also known as we) I (we) bring this up front. If only those thieves in government would state the truth. Something like this: "I have no interest in this matter, unless you count my husband, whose job depends on this being passed."


Back to go: The Civil War on Las Olas. This is the fight between Colee Hammock and the First Presbyterian Church. You have read all about it. Now, the neighborhood - led by our home owners association president, Jerry Jordan - is taking the offensive. Forget the fight about the church wanting to put a 5-story garage on Las Olas. Now the neighborhood is fighting the church over closing streets for Sunday services.
This has been going on for some years. Jordan’s argument, strongly backed by neighbors affected by the closing, is that the church never got permission to close streets. The church says it is a safety issue. You know, little kids, etc. Jordan counters by pointing out that St. Anthony, not far away, does not close streets. Nor does First Baptist on busy Broward Boulevard. The bottom line is that First Pres, as we fondly call it, uses the neighborhood for social events related to busy Sunday services.
The point, obviously, is that the neighbors, who are close to 100 percent against the church expansion, are on the offensive. Rumors say half of First Pres congregants are against the expansion and the ill will that it has caused. Further rumors say a divine intervention may be on the way. It goes back some years in the history of religion. "Christians, love one another." I don’t exactly know what saint coined that phrase but I (also known as we) will take it until something better comes along.


Get over using your society column for your person...

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Get over using your society column for your personal interests. The community needs more decent churches and less angry neighbors. The neighborhood going after the church over "street closings" during street closings is a symbol of just how idiotic and acrimonious (as opposed to constructive) the neighborhood's dialogue has become. Why is that only homeowners can turn homes into zero lot line McMansions, while churches cannot improve their adjoining property? They own it, they've tried to collaborate with the neighborhood with no luck. It's a reasonable property compared to others built along Las Olas. I say let them build and quit your self serving whining.

Not only do you have conflict of interest, but you...

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Not only do you have conflict of interest, but you never post differing or dissenting points of view.

Berni what is with the Presbyterians? I see a patt...

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Berni what is with the Presbyterians? I see a pattern of entitlement and neighborhood destruction. First Coral Ridge Pres and now First Pres. I don't think Coral Ridge will ever be able to move past their bad reputation. I think their only members are probably extremists or folks who just moved here and don't know the history. Is the FPC oblivious to the reputation they are gaining in the community?

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