Let Them Eat Lead

by Bernard McCormick Tuesday, September 27, 2011 3 Comment(s)

The great governor of Florida, and many of his ardent supporters, are for getting rid of regulations that retard growth. He is also against wasting tax dollars on things such as Tri-Rail, and is lukewarm about continuing to restore the Everglades, which was screwed up years ago by politicians who wanted to promote growth in the state.

The only kind of regulations people in Tallahassee seem to like are those favoring gun uncontrol, such as penalizing medical professionals who ask crazy or suicidal people if they have a gun in their house.

And so we see in the news that progress to clean up of the Everglades may stall. So what? Government should stay out of the water business. If we run out of water, people can always buy it in bottles. And as for today’s report of dangerous levels of lead in Dania’s drinking water, there would have been no report if there were no testing of water, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirement to report that in 30 days. Without that report nobody would know the difference, unless people died. And if that happened they could move. There are still good deals out there.

Also in today’s news, traffic in South Florida is not only the worst in the state, but we are actually tied for 15th in the whole country. The papers say people spend a huge part of their lives tied up in traffic jams. So what? People in Los Angeles spend their entire lives doing the same thing. And who comes up with these statistics, anyway? The papers cite a study by the Texas Transportation Institute. That may not be a government agency, but we still don’t need it making people anxious.

If we didn’t read how bad traffic is nobody would know the difference. And we all know what causes traffic jams. Government builds too many roads. And has two many rules. If government got off our backs and we could drive anywhere we wanted without traffic lights, stop signs, speed limits and lanes dividing traffic into two parts – one lane going one way and the other lane the other way – traffic would move a lot more smoothly. And we wouldn’t need state troopers writing tickets. Only undertakers.

And we wouldn’t have pressure to improve mass transit, and put Tri-Rail on the Florida East Coast track where it could actually relieve congestion.

It isn’t just Florida. As this is being written, the Internet is carrying Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s refusal to support a measure to improve federal safety standards for oil and gas pipelines, even though a pipeline rupture occurred last week in his own state.

You have to like a guy who keeps government off our backs, and our pipelines. Look at the good side. Maybe the whole state of Kentucky will blow up and that will mean one less patsy on UF’s schedule.


Mr. McCormick: I was taken aback by your reportag...

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Mr. McCormick:

I was taken aback by your reportage. "Let them eat led???" Blown up?? Really???

Governor Scott is prioritizing the states needs over special issue "wants", which is why the people sent him to Tallahassee. Times are tough.

Everglades restoration is a great thing and I have been cheering the progress we have made. I have logged many miles on the Florida Trail; my favorite miles being in the Big Cypress. But with severe funding shortages, we are going to have to wait for better days to continue restoration. The state does not have the luxury of not balancing it's budget. We can not print money.

And, your mocking of gun owners is disconcerting. Lawful gun owners(concealed carry license holders) are, by in large, the most law abiding and responsible citizens in the state. Every statistic supports that claim. Why do you try to marginalize the very people that take personal responsibility for their safety and will likely be the ones to come to anothers aid when needed? Is there something funny to you about the Federal Constitution (Second Amendment) or Article 1 Section 8 of the State Constitution? Are you as dismissive of The First Amendment to our National Constitution, or Article 1 Section 4 of the State Constitution? Or do you like to pick and choose which articles or amendments to our constitutions you want enforced; and which ones you do not?

Tri Rail requires a minimal response. It is an absolute failure and would not exist if not for tax payers who are forced to support the empty cars that travel it's rails.

Finally, I found your attempt to discount the value of the Texas Transportation Institutes study a remarkable lack of journalistic integrity. I did not know who they were until I read your blog, but I Googled the name and two clicks of my mouse-key later, I was on their site. They are a 60 year old research organization and a part of the Texas A&M University system. They are highly regarded. I am surprised you did not know that.

Do you enjoy the same level of respect for your reportage as the Texas Transportation Institute enjoys in it's circle of influence?

So I don't think your blog was very valuable in this discourse. Why did you bother to write it? Why did The Gold Coast magazine bother to print it? Why did I bother to respond?

Good questions, all.

Fred Perry
Fort Lauderdale

When you get stuck behind 14,000 cars, we can talk...

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When you get stuck behind 14,000 cars, we can talk about Tri-Rail. Move it to the FEC and ridership will double.

It appears that you are willing to wage significan...

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It appears that you are willing to wage significant tax payer money on your unsupported claim that, moving to the FEC tracks will double ridership.

Its always the other guys money that must be spent.

Fred Perry

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