A Case Study In Privacy

by Bernard McCormick Tuesday, November 20, 2012 No Comment(s)


Given the U.S. Constitution, this scenario could never take place. But just suppose a fellow becomes a top military guy and eventually is promoted to a very high government post. And then, through no fault of his own, he gets caught up in a bit of skirt with a much younger chippy and gets exposed when government agents tap into his and her e-mail accounts. His career, maybe his life, is ruined. Of course that could never happen, for it would constitute a massive invasion of privacy, utterly contrary to the way our country behaves. But just suppose it did. Then, all over the land, this land for you and me, women in bars would be asking men this question.
Woman: “Why would he take that chance, given his sensitive position and the fact that he is so much in the limelight?”
Man: “Have you heard of sex? Besides, he did not start it. Women always make the first move.”
Woman: “Who says?”
Man: “John says.”
Woman: “John who?”
Man: “He probably wouldn’t like it if I told you. Make him John Hancock. But he’s right. Every man knows this. Women invariably deny it.”
Woman: “They deny it because it isn’t true.”
Man: “See, you just proved my point. When a guy gets that big, whether he’s in politics, entertainment, sports or organized crime, women are attracted to power. It’s an aphrodisiac. A bartender, who had considerable experience in these matters, once told me that women were attracted to men in control. He said, and I quote, some women go for cops, some go for gangsters, some go for bartenders, thank God.
Woman: “Nonsense.”
Man: “Also, maybe his wife got too old. Women have an obligation to stay young and beautiful.”
Woman: “Men get old too.”
Man: “But it’s different. They also get distinguished. And rich. And powerful. And they still seek romance. Some young men like older women, up to about age 35. But not many men go after 60-year-old women. And maybe she changed from the devoted thing he married. Maybe she turned into a terrible-tempered size 42. Maybe she threw out his paratrooper boots.”
Woman: “Why would she do that?”
Man: “Because she could. And maybe she started complaining that he never puts down the toilet seat. Or routinely forgets to take out the trash. Or puts his beer glass in the sink instead of the dishwasher. Those little things create unbearable tension and make men welcome the freedom of adoration, especially if she’s 19. Maybe she threw out his La Salle tie.”
Woman: “He didn’t go to La Salle.”
Man: “You never miss a chance for marketing.”
Woman: “You’re salacious.”
Man: “You’re stupid. I like that in a woman.”
Woman: “I think you’re charming. It’s late and it’s dark out there. Why don’t you walk me to my car.”
Man: “Okay, but lay off the e-mail.”


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